Look Closely

All of them
have walked through fire

So this is my brother, Drew. Another kid pushed him at school and he went face first into the pavement, badly chipping his two front teeth. It’s a school for special needs kids and if they could help us, believe me, they would. The dentist is telling us he needs two root canals and caps. Because Andrew is mentally handicapped, he has to be anesthetized for the procedure, since he can’t hold still. The total on this is going to be roughly $6000.

In the last couple of years we’ve been through a lot. My father was diagnosed with and ultimately lost his life to brain cancer (the one year anniversary is coming up on February 24th). Right now my family is living on SSI and caregiver’s benefits. We barely scrape by every month. We have a roof that needs replacing and a lot of other home repairs we’ve been trying to save up for. This was really the last thing we needed to happen.

I personally hate asking people for help. It’s really hard for me to swallow my pride. But Drew is an amazing guy. He’s almost always got a smile or a hug or a high five for you. He never feels sorry for himself or asks for anything besides food for his belly and something to watch on his TV. He is my favourite person and I can tell that his teeth are bothering him. I want more than anything to get this fixed for him. I will do anything for him. Please, if you can’t donate, pass this on. Help me help my little brother. Thank you.

Here’s his IndieGoGo campaign.

EDIT: Thanks to everyone who donated, liked, and reblogged! We did get Drew to the dentist and he’s doing well.